Proactive monitoring

For any business, up-time is critical. Any IT service outage can cause major disruption to your business operations, affecting productivity, customer perception and ultimately your businesses profitability.

All of our support offerings can include 24/7 IT monitoring of your key IT systems. Any problems encountered are logged and handled efficiently to ensure the smooth running of your business.

Benefits of our monitoring system

Early/Advanced Warning

Our 24/7 real-time IT monitoring system will alert us to potential faults, issues and predicted failures allowing us to respond and resolve problems proactively and with minimal interruption to your business.

Application Updates and Patch Management

Our monitoring system also allows us to identify vulnerabilities and required updates, scheduling out of hours installation minimising impact to your business operations.

At a glance

Proactive monitoring features

  • Minimise downtime
  • Identify issues before impact
  • Improve security, ensuring security systems are kept up to date

Implementing our monitoring software

Novem will look after the installation, set up, and configuration of the monitoring software and work with you to identify the most critical areas of your system to be reported on. In addition to regular reporting, we can give you direct access to our platform allowing you to monitor your business IT assets in real-time.

What can we monitor?

  • Servers, laptops, mobile devices, workstations, and networks are monitored 24/7 for issues and anomalies that could lead to issues/problems
  • Backup applications monitored for success and failure events.
  • Data storage system checks identifying critical threshold breaches.
  • Hardware failure and predicted failures are identified
  • Network infrastructure monitored and secured
  • Missing security patches and updates checked and applied on a schedule when they will cause the least disruption.
  • Updates to security, anti-virus and malware applications monitored and installed
  • Hardware and software assets audited and regularly reported on keeping your business compliant

“We offer customers a single point of contact for technical issues and can provide advice and guidance on all things IT. Our aim is to take the hassle out of IT support and give our customers the chance focus on what really matters-their business.”

Key benefits of our 24/7 monitoring service

Minimise risk of downtime

Our 24/7 monitoring service minimises the risk of disruption from hardware failure, malware threats and allows scheduled maintenance, keeping your business productive.

Peace of mind

You’ll have the knowledge and comfort knowing your IT systems are being taken care of, so you can go about your work worry-free.

Efficient troubleshooting

With our pro-active monitoring we tackle the majority of problems immediately, without any disruption to your business connectivity.

Expertise to handle problems

Our team of experts on stand-by to fight any potential issues or threats on your system, without causing any further disruption.


We can provide regular system audits and reports that will help you make effective, long-term decisions on your on your IT infrastructure.

Stress-free IT support

When you have a business to run, you’ve enough things to worry about. Don’t let your IT support be one of them. By offering customers a single point of contact for all hardware and software support and general IT governance, Novem will take all of the hassle out of IT support. Our support desk is operated by skilled, experienced and qualified technicians who are able to manage queries through to resolution and provide as much support and guidance as you require.

Our service desk operates according to your tailored Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensuring that our high-quality technical team meet your business’ needs. In the event that a problem cannot be solved remotely, our technicians are available to visit your site and assist in person.

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