Dealing with the unthinkable

Your company data is by far your most valuable business asset. Planning and Preparing for IT system and service outages along with operational data loss should always be a key business priority.

With potential outages having a major impact on your ability as a business to operate and the additional associated downtime costs, It is important you know where you stand should the unthinkable happen.

Planning for an IT disruption will protect your digital intellectual property and will also ensure the continuity of the business operations including IT service delivery to your operational staff, clients and suppliers.

Novem have extensive DR and BC experience working with a diverse client base across many industry sectors. This experience has given us the requisite knowledge to effectively analyse your current business continuity provision and Develop operational recovery timelines enabling us to propose practical, cost-effective solutions that meet your true business needs.

Our services include:

  • Automatically cataloguing your IT assets
  • Appraising the current MTTR (Mean Time To Recovery)
  • Providing independent offsite storage solutions
  • Providing standby data centre remote access solutions
  • Making recommendations
  • Conducting continuous audits to ensure adherence

Consultancy lead business continuity and disaster recovery planning

Disaster recovery planning touches all parts of your business and although key IT systems need to be protected developing a true disaster recovery Plan requires totally coordination and input from all areas of your business operation.

Novem can work with customers to develop end-to-end business continuity and disaster recovery solution across your full business operation.

Our core consulting practice involves:

  • Business impact analysis
  • Disaster recovery or business continuity plan creation, publishing and testing
  • Recovery options analysis and consulting
  • Recovery site planning
  • Disaster recovery testing
  • Storage architecture consulting
  • Telephone and DataCom resiliency
  • Regulatory compliance with disaster recovery

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