If your business relies on IT Systems and stored data to function then a business backup plan is the most important measure you can put in place to protect your business.

The more reliant your business is on IT systems, the more vulnerable you are to disruption from system outage and service downtime.  This can lead to lost production and ultimately loss of revenue, costing time and money to resolve.

The correct backup provision will assist with business continuity and your ability to recovery from a disaster such as fire, flooding, and theft, or malicious attacks such as viruses or hacking would also be protected against.

Our backup and recovery service starts with consultancy, we will try to understand your key requirements in terms of recovery times Offsite backup storage and the security of your backed up data.

Our backup & data recovery solutions can be combined with our other IT Support and Cloud/Hosting services and tailored to your business’ specific needs.

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Why put a disaster recovery plan in place?

Without a disaster recovery strategy, you are leaving your business extremely vulnerable; taking an unnecessary risks that could lead to a catastrophic outcome.

If you were to suddenly lose all your data: years of emails, documents and spreadsheets, databases, contacts, customer information, accounting data; would you be able to recover it all part or none?  Would you be able to recreate it and continue to operate effectively as a business?

Severe Data loss can cause serious business downtime. Data recovery can be costly in terms of lost productivity and with a badly managed solution not fully guaranteed in its effectiveness. The risk of permanently losing data or serious interruption to business operations is preventable with a reliable disaster recovery and business continuity strategy.

Statistics show that 40% of SMBs will go out of business if they are unable to recover their data within the first 24 hours of a crisis. 90% of companies that suffer a major data loss go out of business within two years*.

*London Chamber of Commerce.

Two steps to security and protection

1. Assessment & Planning

Initially, we’ll assess your current storage and backup strategy, we will review the IT business systems and prioritise service recovery and with the business set recovery times for disaster recovery and data retention periods for legislative and operational purposes. We will ascertain and categorise data and advise on the security implications for data storage ultimately driving the correct product selection and storage methods that will meet all the challenges outlined in this assessment and planning phase.

2. Implement backup solution

Novems consultancy, infrastructure design and delivery teams will work with your key stakeholders within your business to deliver the outlined project, From this point can offer a fully monitored and managed solution with auditable verification and if required hosted regular live recovery scenarios.

Business continuity planning significantly improves your business’ ability to react to disruptions. It describes how you will restart your operations in order to meet your business-critical requirements.

With Novems preferred solutions Backups can be taken as frequently as every 15 minutes, with stored data available for quick recovery on site, and offsite for a disaster recovery scenario.

Business Continuity Consultancy

Benefits of a Business Continuity Plan

In addition to protecting your business, and minimising downtime, a business continuity plan has additional benefits:

Competitive advantage

If you provide services to customers that are dependent on your IT systems, the security and reliability of your business continuity provisions can be used to win or retain customers.

Quality Assurance

If your business is a partner in a supply chain, business continuity planning may need to be, or benefit from being, an integral part of your quality assurance.


Businesses that can demonstrate managed risks may be able to secure lower insurance premiums. Also, creating a business continuity plan can help you identify potential risks and what types of insurance you need.

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