IT Equipment leasing enables businesses to utilise state of the art IT and communications technology that can help their businesses run efficiently and cost-effectively, without the associated upfront capital expenditure.

Leasing spreads the cost of your equipment over a palatable time frame giving you predictable monthly payments that allow you to work to a static budget with proportional fixed cost as your business grows.

Leasing allows smaller businesses to take advantage of the technology that larger competitors are using without the upfront expenditure.

Key benefits of equipment leasing

Conserve cash

Equipment leasing preserves your working capital freeing it up for day-to-day business expenses, business expansions, or unexpected business related expenses. With a lease you have a fixed monthly cost, which can help you budget effectively. You can plan your business growth while utilising the IT equipment you need, maintaining your cash flow making it available for other expenditures.

Upgrade outdated equipment

Depending on your business, equipment leasing can help you stay on top of the latest advances making the most of improved equipment performance. Is your requirement short term? You may find that leasing is a better alternative than buying it and trying to resell it if you no longer need it. You can define the length of your lease, so if you work with technology that changes rapidly, you can take on a short lease to ensure you’re always at the cutting edge in your industry.

Tax benefits

Equipment leasing presents your business with potential tax benefits. In some cases, leasing not only provides a businesses with full deduction of lease payments against current earnings, it also preserves business capital that you wouldn’t have access to should you have purchased the equipment up front.

Attractive balance sheet

Monthly lease payments are viewed as a business expense rather than long-term debt. Showing little debt on your balance sheet aids your business when it comes to securing additional finance to fund your business growth.

Leasing with IT Support – IT in a Box

Novem can combine equipment leasing and managed IT support services, Hosted desktop access or office 365 access, Connectivity and telecoms solutions for a simple, single monthly payment. This allows your business to fix proportional IT costs delivering a turnkey business IT solution with a single point of contact for support and sales.

Based on your specific business needs, we can advise on the equipment and level of support needed, and provide you with a complete service that allows you to budget operational IT costs effectively.

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