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Choosing an IT partner that supplies IT hardware on the face of it seems straight-forward. Many IT companies can provide equipment from one or more of the large UK distribution partners.

But can you trust them to do it efficiently assisting you in making the decisions that maximise the return on your investment and do they have access to a breadth and depth of products that puts them in a position of offering truly unbiased purchasing guidance?

Novem Work with an extensive supplier network and have access to a wide range of technology from the UK’s leading distributors and OEMs. Sourcing hardware through Novem will provide you with a single point of contact. Novem can also offer a full range of support and monitoring options adding value to the effeteness of your purchase through its operational lifecycle.

Servers and desktops

Novem partner with and supply the world’s leading server and desktop manufacturers we typically provide back to back warranty support as part of an extended maintenance support agreement. Novem can integrate their 24/7 system monitoring technology and extensive support service offering to manage the effectiveness of your Server equipment throughout its operational lifecycle

Networking equipment

Novem provide unbiased guidance and have extensive knowledge of networking technology across a complex multivendor environment. Novem offer services that span assessment and equipment sales, planning and design through to implementation and Ongoing management.

Storage solutions

The demands of today’s digital business has created an insatiable demand for robust and cost-effective storage solutions. Whether your requirement is for a simple storage device for your in-house backups and archiving requirements or a high end, highly available storage platform for a virtualised server environment Novem have the supplier relationships, technical resource and management and maintenance tools to assist with all aspects of storage.

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