Connectivity is an integral part of your IT infrastructure and is directly related to the efficiency and reliability of your IT systems and overall business performance.

Novem can design, supply and deploy robust and resilient internet connectivity, secure connectivity between you and your customers and suppliers, or build a network that links all your different business locations together.  We can advise on the most cost-effective but operationally correct set up for your business, adding capacity and scaling things up as your business grows.

Over the last 10 years, we have seen the rise of the Hosted PBX and the VOIP handset, telecommunications are increasingly becoming considered an extension of your IT infrastructure and as such companies are increasingly looking towards there IT partner when it comes to delivering high quality, robust, cost-effective telecommunication solutions. A hosted VoIP solution on average can save your business 50% on call costs whilst still providing you with all the features of a premise-based telephone system.

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