Unibox – Novem IT – Case Study

Business Profile

Unibox make beautifully engineered products designed to get results. A UK based manufacturer, Unibox produce aluminum display systems and solutions for exhibitions, events, and large retail environments.

  • To migrate all business systems from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and replace the ageing Server infrastructure with modern server hardware utilizing the latest Microsoft OS server editions
  • Migrate from on premise to a cloud hosted email platform
  • Replace there intermittently failing Internet service connection with a faster more robust solution to support increasing business growth and its reliance on cloud hosted line of business applications.
  • Improved business continuity with a recovery objective of under 10 minutes for a major incident or hardware failure


No. of employees


What We Did

  • Embarked on a phase migration and upgrade schedule moving all business PC user hardware to the latest version of Windows 10
  • Migrated all business systems and services from Windows Server 2008 to Windows Server 2019
  • Completed a Microsoft office 365 migration from a legacy on premise email solution, Migrating all user mailbox Data
  • Installed a 1GB Leased symmetrical internet service with a fully monitored Fibre To The Cabinet service as a backup to a primary connection failure
  • Installed the full Datto business continuity solution with external cloud backups.
  • Daily monitoring and testing of the solution daily with the client receiving full verification notifications


  • 100 percent system availability with a fail-proof business continuity strategy
  • Business process transformation with improved enterprise messaging and collaboration with the introduction of Office 365
  • All areas of the business operate from a modern, productive platform utilizing Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10
  • Business piece of mind utilising a fully managed and monitored Business continuity platform

Ongoing services

  • Fully managed monthly subscription to Office 365 products
  • Novem work closely with Unibox Management and all its staff on a fully comprehensive support agreement
  • A fully monitored and managed backup solution, with verified offsite historical data archiving
  • Fully resilient business continuity protecting all business digital assets with daily testing and verification.