The Mailing Room – Novem IT Case Study

Business Profile

Since 1998, The Mailing Room have specialised in the supply and maintenance of franking machines, mailroom equipment and consumables, establishing themselves as the independent market leader, based on a highly focused customer service approach.

  • Ensure internal servers are able to be restored within 15 minutes in the event of local failure/loss and restored within 4 hours in the event of site loss
  • Secure the network perimeter and ensure this was tested regularly
  • Attain the Cyber Essentials certification
  • Protect Office 365 data from potential breach or loss
  • Protect local data on business laptops
  • Secure client endpoints from malware and infection
  • Reduce risk of malware or data loss through email
  • Reduce Cyber Insurance premium costs

The Mailing Room

No. of employees

Approx. 80.

What We Did

  • Ran an initial assessment of company policies and security setup to plan for the Cyber Essentials certification
  • Installed an onsite business continuity solution with offsite replication to ensure recovery requirements and timescales were met
  • Installed a next generation firewall with unified threat management to protect the network from external threats.
  • Implemented regular network penetration scans
  • Configured multifactor authentication for the Office 365 tenant and other remote services
  • Implemented and installed an Endpoint Detection and Response (ERD) solution to protect systems from known and zero day malware
  • Installed an internet filter to limit risk of accessing malicious web content
  • Implemented a third party email filtering and sandbox solution for all inbound and outbound email traffic
  • Encrypted hard drives of portal systems ensuring data cannot be taken in the event a laptop is lost or stolen
  • Configured automated security updates for client and server systems


  • Reduction in Cyber insurance premium
  • Guaranteed server availability in case of localised or entire site disaster
  • Attainment of the Cyber Essentials Certification
  • Layered security model protecting the business, it’s data and its staff from outside threats
  • Clients and servers proactively monitored and patched with zero admin overhead
  • Peace of mind for business owners and employees that systems and data are fully protected for all eventualities

Ongoing services

  • Fully managed monthly subscription to Office 365 products
  • Novem work closely with The Mailing Room Management and all its staff on a fully comprehensive support agreement
  • A fully monitored and managed backup solution, with verified offsite historical data archiving
  • Fully resilient business continuity protecting all business digital assets with daily testing and verification.