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Cyber Security & GDPR

The security of your business and its data is under constant threat. The Cyber Security landscape is ever changing and legislation such as the GDPR requires businesses to do more than ever to ensure data is protected. In a time when ransomware and malware attacks are closing hospitals and data breaches are reported in the news daily you need a partner that understands the risks and can protect your business. You can learn more about this in our blog.

Read on to learn more about Cyber Security.

Your Data Matters

We believe that every organisation be it large or small should have the best Cyber Security solutions within its budget and will work closely with you to assess your needs. We partner with a select number of established security vendors to deliver a holistic approach to your Cyber Security requirements ensuring that your business is protected from current and future threats. Additionally, we’ll work with you to plan for the unexpected and develop a business continuity and disaster recovery strategy that works for you.

Keep the bad guys out – Security As Standard

The bad guys are looking for any way into your network and to keep them out businesses need a layered security approach that covers more than a basic firewall and anti-virus system. That’s why all our support customers benefit from Novem’s “Security as Standard” service. By default, we provide an additional layer of security for all devices on your network that checks every web request and protects your users and guests from accessing a malicious or infected website.

Our comprehensive cyber security services include:

Next Generation Firewalls – Secure your network at the point of entry using a Fortinet firewall. Recognised as a Leader in Gartner’s magic quadrant for Network Firewalls

Endpoint Anti-Virus and Malware Protection – Advanced protection of your client systems and servers using a leading Endpoint Detection and Response solution – Adaptive Defence 360.

Network Penetration Testing – Proactively test the security solutions you own and be safe in the knowledge your network is locked down.

Dark Web Monitoring – Do you know if your login and password is published on the Dark Web? We do. We go where you shouldn’t and monitor for any published credentials.

Security Awareness Training – All the security in the world won’t protect you from staff writing passwords on Post-it notes. Fast and effective online awareness training for you and your team.

Cyber Essentials – Demonstrate your commitment to securing your network and data by attaining the Cyber Essentials Certification.

Patch Management – Core to any security strategy. We take the stress out of patching by automating the update process for your servers and client systems.

Why Novem?

If you don’t have an IT team, if your team need external support or if you’re just not happy with the help your existing IT company have given during this time Novem are here.

We can offer recommendations on how you can improve your business security to reduce and eliminate risk.

Get in Touch

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Case Study

The Mailing Room

What We Did

  • Ran an initial assessment of company policies and security setup to plan for the Cyber Essentials certification
  • Installed an onsite business continuity solution with offsite replication to ensure recovery requirements and timescales were met
  • Installed a next generation firewall with unified threat management to protect the network from external threats.
  • Implemented regular network penetration scans
  • Configured multifactor authentication for the Office 365 tenant and other remote services
  • Implemented and installed an Endpoint Detection and Response (ERD) solution to protect systems from known and zero day malware
  • Installed an internet filter to limit risk of accessing malicious web content
  • Implemented a third party email filtering and sandbox solution for all inbound and outbound email traffic
  • Encrypted hard drives of portal systems ensuring data cannot be taken in the event a laptop is lost or stolen
  • Configured automated security updates for client and server systems
Mailing Room equipment
The Mailing Room


  • Reduction in Cyber insurance premium
  • Guaranteed server availability in case of localised or entire site disaster
  • Attainment of the Cyber Essentials Certification
  • Layered security model protecting the business, it’s data and its staff from outside threats
  • Clients and servers proactively monitored and patched with zero admin overhead
  • Peace of mind for business owners and employees that systems and data are fully protected for all eventualities

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