M62 Vincis – Novem IT Case Study

Business Profile

Vincis operates all over the globe winning bids using well-established pitching strategies. Whether in healthcare, pharmaceutical, construction, IT or outsourcing, Vinci’s specialises in winning complex business.

  • Vincis required robust internal internet services and flexible working for their extensive consultancy based business, to include:
    • A robust delivered cloud hosted email solution
    • Reliable internet connection for Cloud hosted line of business applications
    • Hosted cloud based telephony solution for flexible business working
    • Immediate Access to mission critical data in the event of the primary business server failing.

M62 Vincis

No. of employees


What We Did

  • Completed a Microsoft Office 365 migration from a legacy 3rd party email hosting platform with E3 licensing and full litigation hold.
  • Installed a full feature rich hosted telephony / VOIP solution with diverse internal switching using an N plus 1 approach
  • Installed a 100mb Leased symmetrical internet service with a fully monitored Fibre To The Cabinet service as a backup in case of a primary connection failure
  • Installed the full Datto business continuity solution with external cloud backups


  • Flexible roaming user presence with Hosted email and telephony – with any user any time any where access to key business systems
  • Highly available fully survivable internet access for internal business users
  • Fully resilient business continuity protecting all business digital assets with daily testing and verification.

Ongoing services

  • Fully managed monthly subscription to Office 365 products
  • A Fully managed all in cost effective hosted telephony solution that meets business flexability and budgetary aspirations
  • Novem work closely with Vincis Management and all its staff on a fully comprehensive support agreement
  • A fully monitored disaster recovery platform that offers true business continuity with verified offsite historical system and data archiving
  • Managed full proactive endpoint monitoring in place all critical IT and end-user devices protected with early alerting mechanisms